In Memory of AnnaLeah & Mary Karth

On May 4, 2013, four members of the Karth family (a mother and the 3 youngest of her 9 children) drove from North Carolina to Texas to celebrate four family college graduations and the wedding of one of those siblings. While in Georgia, their car – in the right lane – was hit by a truck in the left lane that did not stop in time for slowed traffic and was charged with failure to maintain lane. The impact spun their car around and the truck hit their car a second time, forcing it backward and underneath a second truck’s trailer. That truck then also ran into the side of the second truck. 

All four of the people were trapped and needed to be extricated with the Jaws of Life. Marianne and her son were in the front seat and survived the impact with injuries. AnnaLeah and Mary were in the back seat, which went underneath the trailer, and died as a result of catastrophic injuries.

Underride Accidents and the Woman Dedicated To Their Prevention

Our crash took place on May 4, 2013. We lost AnnaLeah that very day. We lost Mary on May 8, 2013.  In early June 2013, their older sister, Rebekah, set up a facebook page in memory of her sisters. I am so thankful for the opportunity which that has given me to express my grief and share wonderful memories of Mary and AnnaLeah.

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