Bear’s Adventure With Mary

Bear Photo Story 1 004

In 2010, Mary discovered a Beanie Baby bear on the shores of Lake Michigan near Muskegon, Michigan. The bear had deflated balloons imprinted with the logo of Heim’s Downtown Toy Store—82 miles away across the lake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Samuel and Naomi were taking photos of Mary on the beach and captured it all. More photos were taken on the way back to our home in Midland, Texas. After we lost Mary and AnnaLeah, we posted the photos on their memorial facebook page and Naomi’s mom, Sharon Cole, suggested that we turn it into a children’s book. (

So that’s what we did (with Isaac’s help) and made it available in December 2013 as a paperback book, Bear’s Adventure With Mary, which you can purchase online at Lulu Publishing: . All proceeds will go to a memorial fund.

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