Crash reconstructionist (inventor of an innovative side guard) tallies side underride crashes he has seen

Aaron Kiefer has designed an innovative combination side/rear underride guard for large trucks. Recently, he tallied up the number of side underride crashes which his crash reconstruction firm has investigated.

This is what he found:

-39 passenger vehicle/commercial vehicle underride accidents in 2014, 2015, 2016 YTD (16 average annual cases*) *Approx 90% of cases were sampled

-26 side, 13 rear

-19 into dry van trailers, (13 side, 6 rear)

-10 into flatbed trailers

-10 into other trailer types/other commercial vehicles

See one of his side guard crash tests:

Here’s my report on the first crash test of Aaron’s side guard prototype on March 13, 2016: Witnessed safety defect in action at underride crash tests; this is what snuffed out my daughters’ lives.

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