Casualties of the car safety wars

My grandson just turned 10 years-old. Lately I’ve been noticing little things that show me how much he is maturing and taking responsibility. And I keep thinking how proud AnnaLeah and Mary would be of him. They both spent so much time with him from the time he was born.

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One thing Marcus asked me about the other day was when he saw my copy of the book Car Safety Wars by Michael Lemov. Car safety wars, he asked?  So I had to try and explain it. I asked him what a war is and what happens in a war. And we talked about how it’s a war because while we’re “fighting for” some things to make cars and roads safer, other people are fighting against them.


AnnaLeah would have been 21 now and Mary would be turning 17 in a few weeks. But they’re not. And at least part of the blame for their deaths by preventable vehicle violence can be attributed to “car safety wars”. They, and countless others, paid the price. Casualties of the traffic safety war.

Car Safety Wars

“Our grandma wants to make the roads safer.” Remembering 2 girls in the aftermath of a truck crash

3 thoughts on “Casualties of the car safety wars

  1. Thank you Marianne. Keep fighting. The war will probably never end.
    Go after the Republican platform too!
    Hillary WILL increase the NHTSA budget and the penalties for safety violations.

    1. Mike,
      Your book definitely opened my eyes to even more unbelievable facts about traffic safety. I did discuss the Republican stance on traffic safety in these posts:

      1. and

      2. Also, meeting face to face with my Republican NC U.S. Congressman was enlightening:


      1. Keep up the good work Marianne. We can make progress. Obama sought to add 330 million to the NHTSA defect office , not sure if he got any increase.

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