AnnaLeah staged a photoshoot. (Unrealized Potential Another Cost of Preventable Crash Deaths)

The colorful creativity of AnnaLeah was endless — except for the fact that a tragic truck crash brought it to an untimely end.

  •  AnnaLeah could have been a script/screen writer. We found an outline for a whole season of Dr. Who episodes in her email files.
  • She had recorded the rough ideas and characters for countless literary projects.
  • She was an avid reader and had a personal collection of over 600 books — all recorded at Library Thing.
  • Here is AnnaLeah’s 30 Category Book Challenge List.
  • AnnaLeah wrote the screenplay for A Short Film which she and Mary then acted out:

  • And here’s a 72 minute LEGO movie that AnnaLeah wrote the script for and then produced with two of her siblings in 2008. It definitely shows how creative she was: (not accessible at present).
  • AnnaLeah staged a photoshoot of her sister Mary expressively “reading” a book which she had never actually read. AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a bookAnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (1)AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (3)AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (4)AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (5)AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (6)AnnaLeah staged Mary reading a book (7)


Each year in the U.S., around 33,000 people have their lives tragically ended.


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One last AnnaLeah creation: The Giggling Mary… Here’s a tiny cartoon AnnaLeah drew about her sister Mary:



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