A letter from one of Mary’s friends. . .

Mary had a neighborhood friend when we lived in Midland, Texas. Briley was younger than Mary, but they had great fun together. When Briley moved closer to Dallas, they kept in touch and Mary loved it when Briley would stop in to see her during visits back in Midland.

Last month, Briley’s dad contacted me and let me know that Briley had decided that she wanted to write a letter to us. I was so excited and treasured the letter when it came. I decided to wait until May 8 — the day that Mary left us — to share this letter.

Mary was full of joy herself and she brought others right along with her as she enjoyed life. How she loved to laugh! And she loved the song, “Every day’s a holiday with Mary!”

Thank you, Briley, for being a friend to Mary. She valued your friendship. And thank you for helping me at this time when I miss her so very much — when I can hardly believe that she and her sister are no longer with us. How can it be?

Letter from Briley in memory of Mary with photos

Mary and Marcus with BrileyMary Briley and Marcus

Here’s a photo album of Mary and AnnaLeah with some of their friends: Friends, we will remember you…

And another photo album: Sarah Eaton’s Photos of AnnaLeah & Mary

Mary’s Backyard Adventures in Midland, Texas:

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