Impact of USED car sales vs NEW car sales on advancement of automated technology #VisionZero

I’ve been thinking about the challenge of improving the traffic safety outlook even with the promises of collision avoidance technology and self-driving vehicles. I keep thinking: What about the fact that many people still own and buy used cars? So, today, I finally looked it up.

Used car sales in 2014: 36,241,800

New car sales in 2014: about 7,687,570

How long will it take for the whole system to hold safer technology? And, meanwhile, will we do what can be done along other fronts to make our roads safer?

See this post: Australia has embraced Vision Zero. What about US?

Towards Zero aims to improve road safety through four cornerstones:
  • Safe Road Use – Improving road user behaviour.
  • Safe Roads and Roadsides – Improving road infrastructure improvements.
  • Safe Speeds – Ensuring speed limits and travel speeds are appropriate for the safety of the road infrastructure.
  • Safe Vehicles – Improving the safety of the vehicles on the road.

A vision can serve to direct decisions and actions. What are we waiting for?

Tell Obama you are standing with us in this: “Family Continues Fight for Trucking Safety”

Vision Zero Goal

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