Noncompliance Inconsequential to Motor Vehicle Safety

I was just reading about this yesterday and noted the multitude of links for this sort of thing:

concept of noncompliance inconsequential to motor vehicle safety!documentDetail;D=NHTSA-2014-0034-0003
Let’s make sure that we have identified properly what is consequential to motor vehicle safety/highway safety and how we determine what has/is SIGNIFICANT SAFETY CONSEQUENCE.
Then, I got this email from the Truck Safety Coalition this morning:

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) sent a letter telling the FMCSA to remove and limit the number of exemptions the agency grants. The CVSA argues that FMCSA is granting excessive exemptions, which hinder enforcements efforts by creating inconsistency and confusion. TSC has been and continues to be firmly opposed to state or industry exemptions for this very reason. We support the CVSA’s stance on this issue, and also urge the FMCSA to reconsider and reduce the many exemptions it grants to carriers, particularly those pertaining to training and hours of service.

Link to Article:  

The Truck Safety Coalition Team


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