What you need to know about LONGER & LARGER Trucks. . .

The Facts on Longer Trucks

“Proposals to allow longer trucks on our nation’s roadways will jeopardize safety, further damage our infrastructure, produce greater unfunded costs, and create a less efficient multimodal freight system. ”

Read more here: Truck Size Fact Sheet – TSC 2015


Support the Wicker Amendment:

  • The Wicker (MS-R) amendment calls for a rulemaking on Double 33 tractor trailers.
  • This will allow the Department of Transportation to conduct further research and evaluate whether Double 33s are safe for America’s roads.
  • It is important to gather all the relevant data and conduct the proper analysis before any increase has been decided on, as opposed to what happened in the Appropriations Committee a few weeks ago.

Support Sen. Bill Nelson’s bill, the Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 2015 (S. 1743), and Sen. Booker’s bill, the Truck Safety Act (S. 1739):

  • S. 1743 and S. 1739 advance safety, and look to address dangerous gaps and omissions in current laws and rules which result in 4,000 people killed in truck crashes on our roads every year.

Oppose Sen. Thune’s bill, S. 1732, the “Comprehensive Transportation and Consumer Protection Act of 2015”:

  • S. 1732 impedes and delays progress in making our roads and highways safer, and contains numerous dangerous provisions.


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