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Buck passing needs to stop! “Brussels and regulators under fire over ‘dieselgate’”

European authorities have been accused of glaring errors, including halfhearted application of the rules and buck-passing among officials, that led to their failure to uncover the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

See more here: Brussels and regulators under fire over ‘dieselgate’ Draft MEPs’ report points to failure to uphold EU rules that could have detected cheating, by: in Brussels, Financial Times, December 19, 2016


Could Vision Zero Rulemaking & Traffic Safety Ombudsman Prevent Dieselgate-Type Scandals?


UK drafts Public Service Ombudsman Bill; US should draft Traffic Safety Ombudsman Bill

We in the US could take a tip from the UK drafting of a Public Service Ombudsman Bill. Will we though?

Draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill laid in Parliament, December 5, 2016, Part of Government Transparency and Accountability

A new complaints body will provide the public with greater confidence that their voices have been heard.

I believe this is the right approach to ensure every citizen knows their voice matters
and bring the Ombudsman framework into the 21st century. I look forward to scrutiny
over the coming months, and to working closely with the Parliamentary and Health
Service Ombudsman, the Local Government Ombudsman, and all those with an
interest in this matter to deliver these reforms. Draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill Cm 9374

Vehicle violence

Ombudsman for Traffic SafetyWhat are we waiting for

Traffic Safety Ombudsman Petition

Sign the Petition: End Preventable Crash Fatalities: Appoint a National Traffic Safety Ombudsman

Cool idea from #VisionZero Canada! If only the U.S. would adopt such a vision. Just sayin’. . .

Cool idea from Canada. Wouldn’t it be cool if the U.S. had such a vision!

No ordinary day. The Underride Roundtable is about to get underway.

This couid be the first ever Underride Roundtable of its kind. In any event, it’s the first one I’ve ever attended and I’m looking forward to witnessing a life-saving meeting of the minds. Let’s hope. . .

Underride Roundtable Agenda May 5, 2016


Mother to deliver 20,000 signatures to NHTSA asking for safety rule which could have saved her daughters.

We will be arriving at the Department of Transportation at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, March 4, at the West main entrance on 1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E. , with media availability until shortly before our meeting with DOT policy officials at 11:00 a.m. to discuss our 20,000 petition signatures and our request for a better truck underride guard rule–which could have saved AnnaLeah and Mary if it had been implemented decades ago when research proved that it was possible to do so.

Media Advisory is available here:

Rebekah photo of crash

“WRAL INVESTIGATES ‘Chameleon carriers’ create danger on roads”

I am glad to see that there is an investigation of the problem of “chameleon carriers.” When a trucking company with a history of safety issues transforms itself into a new company in order to keep doing business, guess what is likely to happen?

You guessed it: their safety problems go with them!

Read about it here: WRAL INVESTIGATES ‘Chameleon carriers’ create danger on roads

No surprise to us! We uncovered so many issues in the aftermath of our crash: Our Crash Was Not An Accident


Does saving a few seconds or couple of minutes really worth doing? Is it worth the risk of possible collision & personal injury?

“So, does saving a few seconds or a couple of minutes really worth doing? Is it worth the risk of possible collision and personal injury? Are you really saving time? Give me a couple of seconds to think about it.”



Va. Tech Awarded Sleeper Study; Could this help to overcome truck driver fatigue?

Interesting and hopeful news for the study of truckers sleep needs. Could provide a breakthrough with making Hours of Service rules that help to overcome the problem of driver fatigue.
“Virginia Tech, along with subcontractors from Washington State University and SmartDrive, won a $2.5 million contract from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to study a flexible hours-of-service safety provision that will allow long-haul truck drivers to split their required sleeper berth time into shorter periods. – See more at:

“Public health is about saving lives… a million at a time”.

When steps are taken to make roads safer, the impact can mean many lives saved globally.

Vision Zero is all about moving towards zero crash fatalities and serious injuries. If we would view road safety as a public health challenge, then we might begin to grasp the immensity of this problem.

As Professor Simon Chapman has quoted, “Public health is about saving lives… a million at a time”.

When I attempted to find the source of his quote, I stumbled upon this article by another public health expert, Dr. Arshini Daytan. I did a mental double-take when I read her quote from David Jernigan (John Hopkins) on the strategies of large corporations who actively seek to make us unhealthy:

“Associate Professor David Jernigan from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health gave the Basil Hetzel Oration and highlighted the significant influence large multinational corporations had on shaping the environment in which people make health decisions and the need for public health to understand these organisations. He proceeded to explain how these organisations, for example alcohol companies, operate to influence the debates around their products and why we need to know this in terms of public health advocacy. He went through the 10 principles outlined in the book ‘Lethal but Legal – Corporations, Consumption, and Protecting Public Health’ by Nicholas Freudenberg.

1. Make disease promoting products ubiquitous

2. Encourage retailers to promote their products

3. Supersize products

4. Target marketing to vulnerable populations

5. Price unhealthy products to promote sale and use

6. Create monopolies that reduce bargaining power of consumers and government

7. Support candidates who oppose public health policies

8. Lobby against laws that protect public health

9. Threaten to take jobs out of communities that oppose their policies

10. Organise Astroturf groups to oppose public health policies.”

Okay, that made me learn about another concept/strategy: Astroturfing. What?! &

gertie 132

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for advances in car safety technology.

Safety technology is a matter of life and death. SAFE means: keeps people alive and free from life-altering injuries. It appears that at least some auto manufacturers are taking this seriously. This Thanks-giving, I’m thankful for that.

See what good things Honda is doing with their Honda Sensing: &

And see this from the Los Angeles Auto Show, where I am hearing good news about the trickle down effect of safety features which are moving from being high-priced extras to becoming affordable:

“Many features now ubiquitous in vehicles, such as antilock brakes, backup cameras and keyless entry, started as high-priced extras in luxury cars and trickled down to mainstream vehicles over many years. As in the case of electronic stability control, which became mandatory in 2011 — 15 years after it first appeared in the BMW 7 series — government pressure often speeds the shift.

“Yet with the latest wave of technologies, that trickle seems to be accelerating.”

I want to see more–no ALL–safety technology become MANDATORY–not optional extras. I want to see manufacturers take the high road and do all in their power to make them AFFORDABLE for everyone. We all know that technology gets cheaper over time. But let’s not wait that long. If the auto companies have to dip into their profits to do so, so be it. It’s the right thing to do.

Anything less would border on getting away with murder.

When the future gets here, I’m okay with fancier features still being optional–like this ultra-comfortable “driver’s” seat in a driverless car:

But thoroughly-tested technology that prevents tragedy? That should be a no-brainer. Come on, America, we can do this! This should not be another battle in our country’s unbelievable history of unnecessary “Car Safety Wars.”

Car Safety Wars book cover

(Cover of book by Michael R. Lemov, )

The potential casualties of such a war are scattered among us–our friends and members of our families. Ourselves. No one is untouched.

Who are no more with photo