The Father’s-Day-Pain From a Loss That Could Have Been Prevented

I still have difficult moments periodically when I beg God to make it not be true — because how can it be that AnnaLeah and Mary are really and true not alive anymore?

If onlyIMG_4465

12d Christmas 2012 Rocky Mount 065
Jerry and 3 of his daughters, Christmas 2012
Cat and flowers 008
Jerry, Father’s Day 2016


Dawn King, a friend-because-she-also-lost-a-loved-one-to-a-truck-crash, wrote about the hard time she has had with Father’s Day this year. She wrote about her dad,

I should be able to give him a call, send him a card, even go for a visit. A couple weeks ago I did an interview and at the end the reporter asked me to send her pictures of me and dad. I realized I didn’t really have any of him and me together, just the two of us. I thought to myself that I should get a few taken next time I was home.

And then I remembered. Again. I have to keep remembering over and over and it’s just as painful each time. Nothing left to add this Father’s Day

Dawn was interviewed for this video while at a Truck Safety Coalition conference in May 2013 (while our crash took place):


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  1. Thank you Marianne. I know Father’s Day was tough for you too. But today is Monday, time to get back to the work that needs to be done. We can do it together.

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