A Nat’l Traffic Safety Ombudsman could hasten the end of tragedies like this van/train crash. Well?

I have a friend whose family was shattered by a car/train crash many years ago. After the crash, the municipality took care of the dangerous crossing. Just today, another family was shattered in another state by a car/train crash at a crossing where there have been 6 “accidents” in the last 30 years. They have talked about making this crossing safer for $230,000. But they have not yet done so.

Girl, 4, is sole survivor of van-train crash in Colorado

If only they had done it sooner, a mother, father, and three sisters might still be alive along with the sole survivor –a 4 year-old daughter/sister.

Too Often, Too Little, Too Late; A Conspiracy of Silence

A National Vision Zero Goal facilitated by a National Traffic Safety Ombudsman just might hasten America along and save countless lives — which will be inevitably lost if we refuse to take a united, intentional, aggressive, not-willing-to-dawdle approach to reducing preventable crash deaths!

President Obama and Members of Congress, hear my cry: Move Us Toward Zero Crash Deaths: Create Office of National Traffic Safety Ombudsman (Advocate)!

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