Quick look at the Underride Roundtable

Around 90 people attended the Underride Roundtable today. The discussions were lively and interactions were fruitful. More reports will be upcoming in the days ahead.

View the entire event here: https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1100569

Reports on the event:

  1. From the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, host of the event: Truck underride roundtable addresses problem of deadly crashes
  2. Observations by Dawn King, volunteer and president of TSC: Crash dummy survives!
  3. News article by Jim Healey, aTrucks.com reporter who attended the Roundtable: Traffic Experts Debate How to Prevent Deadly Truck Underride Crashes
  4. Truck Safety Coalition: http://trucksafety.org/survivors-assistance/truck-underride-roundtable/.
  5. Newscast on the Roundtable:NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and WeatherIIHS Unveils New Safety Improvements for Tractor Trailers
  6. Interiew of Randy & Laurie Higginbotham, Memphis, TN, who attended the Roundtable Parents Turn Tragedy Of Losing Son Into Life Saving Mission
  7. The Virginian Pilot interviews Matt Brumbelow  Research Engineer from IIHS and Jennifer Tierney, Truck Safety Coalition: Safety Group Tests Rear Crash Bar on Trucks
  8. Here is a brief look at the event from the law firm of Andy Young, who was the moderator of the panel discussion in the afternoon:

Roundtable Display Table

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