Act now to save lives. After a crash, it will be too late; they will never come back.

After launching the Vision Zero Petition online, I waited a bit before I signed myself. I took a moment to decide what comment to make.

596: Marianne Karth, Rocky Mount, North Carolina,
United States
There is no one that this does not potentially impact in some way. We
are asking for bold and decisive action to reduce tragic, preventable crash
fatalities. Don’t wait until it touches you personally to move heaven &
earth to identify and require the best possible protection. Once a loved
one becomes a motor vehicle crash statistic, it will be too late–they will
not come back to you.

Sign & Share our Petition: Save Lives Not Dollars: Urge DOT to Adopt a Vision Zero Policy

Vision Zero Petition Book Cover


Time & A Grief Observed: Reflections from CS Lewis & AnnaLeah Karth:

  • Kind people have said to me, ‘She is with God.’ In one sense that is most certain. . . But I find that this question, however important it may be in itself, is not after all very important in relation to grief. . . You tell me, ‘she goes on.’ But my heart and body are crying out, come back, come back. Be a circle, touching my circle on the plane of Nature. But I know this is impossible. I know that the thing I want is exactly the thing I can never get….It is a part of the past. And the past is the past and that is what time means, and time itself is one more name for death, and Heaven itself is a state where ‘the former things have passed away.’ (pp. 24-25)
  • Reality never repeats. The exact same thing is never taken away and given back. . .For that is what we should all like. The happy past restored. And that, just that, is what I cry out for, with mad, midnight endearments and entreaties spoken into the empty air. (p. 26)

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