Adopt a National Vision Zero Goal: Save lives not dollars!

On January 1, 2016, we launched an online petition at–Adopt National Vision Zero Goal: Save lives not dollars!

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During the fall of 2015, we collected over 15,000 signatures on a petition aimed at Secretary Foxx to apply Vision Zero principles to highway safety rulemaking.

But in order for DOT to act accordingly, they need to be empowered by a National Vision Zero mandate. That is why we are asking President Obama to set a national Vision Zero goal and to sign a Vision Zero Executive Order.

Help us send the message to Washington, DC, that we want to reduce the almost 33,000 crash deaths which occur each year.  This is the petition letter which will be delivered to President Obama: Vision Zero Executive Order Petition Letter to President Obama

This is the executive order which I have drafted (which, of course, is merely my request/ recommendation):  Executive Order Draft Application of Vision Zero Principles to Highway Safety Regulatory Review

Due to a shared interest in reducing preventable traffic fatalities and serious injuries, we are working with the following individuals & organizations to raise awareness and garner widespread support for this VISION ZERO effort (to be updated as more supporters get on  board with us): Letter of Support for Vision Zero Executive Order Petition

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Read more about Vision Zero:

An example of the application of VZ principles to rulemaking: Underride Guards–Apply Vision Zero principles by requiring crash test-based performance standards for truck underride guards rather than force-based design standards along with success at higher speeds—to include rear (both centered and offset) and side guards for both Single Unit Trucks and trailers.

One thought on “Adopt a National Vision Zero Goal: Save lives not dollars!

  1. Hello,

    I have read your posts and I wanted to reach out to you regarding what we do. My company makes side guards which are used by the city of New York and that are featured in the Volpe literature.

    We are passionate about side guards as this is all that we do. We are the creator of this design and we are proud to say that they do exactly what they are meant to do.

    I would be pleased to speak to you about how we can help and what we are doing to bring awareness to this problem.

    My contact details are:

    Rob Martineau
    866-717-8737 x 634.

    Thank you.

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