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Pennsylvania bill would allow speed cameras in highway work zones

“Legislation pending in the [Pennsylvania] state Senate would allow cameras to photograph the license plates of drivers who speed through highway construction zones.”

Pa. bill would allow speed cameras in highway work zones

Makes sense to me! And while I’m at it, I’ll repeat the question that keeps coming to my mind lately: Why on earth don’t we establish National Traffic Safety Standards & require them to be adopted by all states?

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Innovation to Make Highway Work Zones Safer

RoadQuake 2™ Temporary Portable Rumble Strip: Road Safety Reinvented!


RoadQuake 2 Alerts Drivers to Changing Road Conditions

Where daily installation and removal of the work zone is required for:

  • Pilot car or flagging operations
  • Lane closures
  • Traffic safety check-points
  • Routine maintenance projects
  • Paving operations

For speed limits of 75 mph or less, and temperatures from 0° to 180° F.

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