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Memorial Quilt to Remember the Countless Victims & Survivors of Vehicle Violence

I have a vision of a virtual memorial quilt to help us remember the countless people who have forever been changed by vehicle violence.

In the aftermath of the truck underride crash which ended my daughters’ lives and forever changed our future, I found healing through the sewing of two patchwork quilts made out of AnnaLeah’s and Mary’s clothes. I wanted to have a tangible, visible reminder of their place in my heart and life.

Remembering Mary & AnnaLeah in a Patchwork Quilt of Memories

Photo Album of AnnaLeah and Mary: Patchwork Quilt from Mary & AnnaLeah’s Clothes

Now I would like to launch a new project: a Virtual Memorial Quilt of Memories of Loved Ones Forever Changed by Vehicle Violence.

My husband, Jerry, has wanted for some time to collect photos of victims to help us put a face to the countless, too-often preventable tragedies in order to give them honor, but also to raise awareness of this major public health problem.

This morning, I received a link from Lou Lombardo with an article about a Memorial Quilt for AIDS victims. Immediately, I thought, “Yes! Let’s do this for victims of vehicle violence!” Perhaps it can even be a focal point for my other dream of organizing a nationwide network of Vision Zero/Traffic Safety community action groups.

Groups can make actual quilts and we can connect them virtually to make an unforgettable impression of the senseless highway carnage which had and is devastating far too may families. Just so wrong any way you look at it.

Let’s create a Victims of Vehicle Violence Memorial Quilt! Anybody with me?

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