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Mandates take burden off manufacturers. Crash tests in labs better than crash tests occurring in real world.

Lou Lombardo has written a thought-provoking opinion piece, Creating a Demand for Crash Testing (CTTI, September 2011). It holds great value in confirming the need for comprehensive underride protection legislation to be introduced and passed in a timely manner.

“From Sweden, Germany, Japan and Korea, to Australia and the USA, there are excellent safety engineers and scientists the world over in both the private and public sectors. But, as safety legend Ralph Nader has pointed out, these people have more problems than they deserve, and more solutions than are deployed.

“The basic problem is that safety engineers in auto companies and suppliers have to convince their managements to fund safety RDTE & D (research, development, testing, evaluation, and deployment). Managements are reluctant to allocate capital unless they can see a return on investment, have to meet legal (governmental and/or liability) requirements, or face competitive imperatives (pressures or opportunities). Information, as published in magazines such as this, can increase the motivation of managements to allocate resources for crash testing — especially when there is public demand for safety.

“Demand for safety can be stimulated. How? By people, organizations, and events, both planned and unplanned. . . Think Lee Iacocca’s marketing initiative of using images of a dramatic head-on crash of two airbag-equipped Chrysler cares in which motorists walked away, saved by airbags. . .

“First, start with very important goals. . .

“Secondly, we must create lead measures of progress toward meeting these goals. . .

“The third measure is to create a safety-stimulating scoreboard that shows how corporate auto makers rank at protecting their customers and other motorists; how well insurers stimulate safety; and how well Federal and State governments improve the performance of preventing and treating needless deaths and treating people injured in crashes. Can we do this? Yes we can! . . .

“All motorists prefer more crash testing in laboratories to the millions of crash tests occurring in the real world each year.”

Read more here: https://www.careforcrashvictims.com/assets/lombardo-CTTI-Sept2011.pdf

This is very relevant to the state of underride protection in our country. In fact, it reminds me of a comment made to me recently by someone in the trucking industry. Among other things, he said that “legislation takes the burden off of the manufacturers.”

In other words, when the Roya, AnnaLeah & Mary Comprehensive Underride Protection Act is passed, then the truck and trailer manufacturers will no longer have to work to convince their customers that it is to their advantage to have effective underride protection installed. It will just be the way it is — comprehensive underride protection on every single truck on the road. The new normal.

And, thankfully, it will no longer be inevitable that a truck crash will result in an underride tragedy. Imagine.

Someday, people might even forget that truck underride used to happen hundreds of times a year. It will be a piece of our past. And that is just fine with me.

“The nondisclosure of safety defects by a car company”

Louis Lombardo does important work by watching out for timely news in the realm of traffic safety and sends out regular emails to keep others informed. If you would like to get his regular updates, you can sign up here: “Care for Crash Victims”

Here is information from the Home Page to let you know what it is about:

This web site named “Care for Crash Victims” is a project of a small business public benefit enterprise, Louis V. Lombardo, LLC.  The mission is to improve care for crash victims before, during, and after a crash.  We are all crash victims — past, present, and future — as individuals, families, friends and society.  All of us are impacted by crashes as consumers, insurance premium payers, and tax payers. 

The vision is to advance the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of serious crash injuries.  Currently in the U.S. each day nearly 100 people die of crash injuries — more than half die without transport to a medical treatment facility — and another estimated 400 people suffer serious injuries.  U.S. DOT dollar values for preventing such losses currently amount to about $2 Billion each day.

Since 1978 in the U.S., more people have died and suffered serious crash injuries than died or were wounded in all wars since 1776. 

This work continues 45 years of research, writing, and public interest advocacy described and documented to some extent on this web site — along with some key historic publications.

And here is a sample of Lou’s informative emails–from this morning . . . it touches, among other things, on the issue of “the nondisclosure of safety defects by a car company,”

See more at: http://www.atlantamagazine.com/great-reads/no-accident-inside-gms-deadly-ignition-switch-scandal/#sthash.lTahNcLx.dpuf

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

The shocking history of discovery of countless tragedies – so far – is well described at  http://www.atlantamagazine.com/great-reads/no-accident-inside-gms-deadly-ignition-switch-scandal/

The latest legal maneuvers and the wrangling over money are reported by Automotive News.  GM quote suggests the fix continues:

“In a statement, GM spokesman Jim Cain said the company believed the current plan “remains the best process to inform settlement value for the remaining cases.””
See  http://www.autonews.com/article/20160219/OEM11/160219839/gm-ignition-switch-plaintiffs-ask-to-revise-early-trial
Imagine an image of a blindfolded Justice holding scales with lives on the lighter side and money on the heavier side with a tear coming out from under the blindfold.

What can bring us to a point where we can pro-actively prevent such deadly situations? Stand with us for a National Vision Zero Goal:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/417/742/234/save-lives-not-dollars-urge-dot-to-adopt-vision-zero-policy/
Car Safety Wars book cover
Michael Lemov sheds light on this distressing issue: http://www.amazon.com/Car-Safety-Wars-Technology-Politics/dp/161147745X

GM Settlement: “What will it take to stop the needless deaths and injuries and produce safety and justice?” Lou Lombardo

Lou Lombardo of Care for Crash Victims sent out an update on the GM Settlement with the Justice Department.

“Mother of GM Crash Victim: Why Is Justice Dept. Allowing GM Write a Check to Get Away with Murder?”  http://www.democracynow.org/2015/9/18/mother_of_gm_crash_victim_why

USA Today Editorial

Thursday’s disappointing conclusion after months of federal investigation is simply par for the course. In the past decade, corporations have gotten away with all manner of  fraud, self-dealing, negligent manufacturing and market manipulation. The subprime mortgage industry nearly brought down the U.S. economy and ruined untold number of lives. But  to the extent there was punishment at all after these acts, it usually involved a company writing a check, as if these firms ran on automatic pilot.”

Ralph Nader spoke on the topic:  http://www.democracynow.org/2015/9/18/gm_did_the_crime_drivers_do

See more reactions to the GM Settlement:

Lou Lombardo concludes his email update this morning: “What will it take to stop the needless deaths and injuries and produce safety and justice?”