WUSA9 recently launched a three-part series on truck underride. More to come

WUSA9 recently launched a series on truck underride.
  1. Introduction by Eric Flack: A danger on the highway. . .
  2. Part 1 aired on July 13, Mothers fight for tougher tractor trailer laws after daughters die in underride crashes”
  3. Part 2 aired on July 14, “Cost of a Life,” or “How much is your life worth?”  and
  4. Part 3 aired on Tuesday, July 18, “Truck trailer rear guard rules have huge holes, safety experts say” 
  5. Special Response to Comments on Social Media, July 19, “Rear underride accidents explained”
  6. Friday, July 21: “Powerful Senator joins calls for stronger semi-trailer underride guard laws”

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