Amazing Grace Goodbye, AnnaLeah & Mary, With Love From Grandpa

AnnaLeah and Mary heard their Grandpa Waldron sing “Amazing Grace” many times throughout their lives. They sang along countless time themselves as he played one of the many dulcimers he had made.

And they knew their heavenly Father’s amazing grace. That thought holds comfort in this time of remembrance. But it broke my heart that I could not tell them goodbye.

Mary and AnnaLeah traveled to see their grandpa buried close by where we would bury them not quite two years later. And there we sang “Amazing Grace” once more, as we bade our fare thee well.

Until we meet again.  Fly away to Jesus!

(As we approached the anniversary of Mary’s passing early on May 8, 2013, I put together this video of AnnaLeah & Mary with the sweet music of their grandpa singing Amazing Grace, with his dulcimer.)

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