Will we be faithful to make choices that value human life and health?

Lately, I have been thinking about trust and faith and whether one more impact of our truck crash was the gripping awareness of not being able to count on protection from vehicle violence. He is faithful and able to give us the wisdom and know-how to do something about it. But I know full well that the responsibility for making roads safer falls on all of us.

Are we willing to do our part? Will we be faithful to make choices that value human life and health? Where will our feet take us?

After a busy week writing and talking about traffic safety and being encouraged by some things and discouraged by others, it got down to, as always, just plain missing our girls who will never come back–no matter what we do to help others. So, I took some time to search for some video footage and created a new Youtube video of AnnaLeah and Mary dancing from 2005.

Being thankful for the joyful lives they lived. . .

Published on Dec 1, 2016

As He is faithful to us, may we be found faithful in His strength to be vessels of love and peace to those around us — having feet that follow after Him. . . trusting in His steadfast love.

“You Have Been Good” Twila Paris & “Find Us Faithful” Steve Green interpreted by Dance for Jesus, a dance team including AnnaLeah & Mary

Never forgotten

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