UK drafts Public Service Ombudsman Bill; US should draft Traffic Safety Ombudsman Bill

We in the US could take a tip from the UK drafting of a Public Service Ombudsman Bill. Will we though?

Draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill laid in Parliament, December 5, 2016, Part of Government Transparency and Accountability

A new complaints body will provide the public with greater confidence that their voices have been heard.

I believe this is the right approach to ensure every citizen knows their voice matters
and bring the Ombudsman framework into the 21st century. I look forward to scrutiny
over the coming months, and to working closely with the Parliamentary and Health
Service Ombudsman, the Local Government Ombudsman, and all those with an
interest in this matter to deliver these reforms. Draft Public Service Ombudsman Bill Cm 9374

Vehicle violence

Ombudsman for Traffic SafetyWhat are we waiting for

Traffic Safety Ombudsman Petition

Sign the Petition: End Preventable Crash Fatalities: Appoint a National Traffic Safety Ombudsman

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