Lame Duck Actions Could Reverse the Tide of Highway Carnage

Time is running out for the Obama administration to leave its mark. Lou Lombardo suggests that Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx could take a Lame Duck action on the controversy over truck driver Hours of Service.

Dear Care for Crash Victims Community Members:

Crash victims and consumer groups ask for help of “Lame Duck” DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx.


It may be too late, but it is nice to see the organization of grieving families raising their voices for safety to protect all of us from future harm.

Let’s help them.

Lou Lombardo

I say, Let Secretary Foxx, NHTSA Administrator Rosekind, and FMCSA Administrator Darling go one step further. Persuade President Obama to sign a far-reaching executive order to authorize DOT to do Vision Zero Rulemaking which would always give proper weight to human life & health over profit — unlike the current rulemaking activity on The Hill. And, perhaps more importantly, let them convince Obama to appoint a National Traffic Safety Ombudsman to be an independent vigilant voice for vulnerable victims of vehicle violence.

Oh, I know. . . our newly-elected president could overturn those actions and wipe out the good they would do. But — were Trump to do such a thing — I would do my best to draw attention to such blatant disregard for the safety of the citizens of this country.

Imagine if this could be so. . .

If only

Who has the powerVehicle violence

Can you find Traffic Safety, Vehicle Violence, Crash Deaths, or anything like that listed as an issue on the White House website? are we waiting for

One thought on “Lame Duck Actions Could Reverse the Tide of Highway Carnage

  1. Marianne is right. It is president Obama’s last chance to take Marianne’s suggested steps to end vehicle violence. President Obama’s safety record has been so disappointing for 8 years and more than 250,000 American vehicle deaths. See

    President Obama’s policies favored money over people by bailing out GM without one contractual condition for GM to improve safety. In the U.S. GM is Number 1 in vehicle violence deaths year after year. GM vehicle violence deaths average about 24 per day. See

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