Deputize Citizens to Issue Traffic Safety Citations

Let’s face it: despite numerous laws and regulations designed to protect our safety on the road, many of them too often are not enforced. How often is a lack of priority to address the safety issues and/or inadequate resources to enforce the rules the problem? Or maybe there are simply more of us non-law enforcement drivers who are able to observe those who defy the laws.

How about if we, as citizens, identify, acknowledge, and address deadly traffic safety problems by taking matters into our own hands when possible? For example, we could deputize citizens to issue citations for texting while driving or for large trucks with underride guards which are in need of maintenance (it’s the law!).

I just read an article which talks about how Oregon is the only state in the union that allows citizens to write DIY traffic tickets. For real.

. . . like pretty much everyone, Hillesland is fed up with the rampant texting and driving out there. A few weeks ago, as he entered a tricky Y-intersection near Southeast Portland’s Mount Tabor, a pickup blew through its red light. The woman behind the wheel was thumbing away on her cellphone, obviously lost in Xanadu.
After noting all of the information required by ORS 153.058 – driver and vehicle details, plate number, location – Hillesland went home and called the city’s non-emergency number to say he wanted to file a citizen citation.

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