If the Cubs can win the World Series, we can get a #VisionZero Executive Order signed by @POTUS

When I met my husband, Jerry Karth, 40 years ago, I became a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. Our kids grew up waiting for the magical, miraculous moment that we witnessed early in the morning on November 2, 2016, when the Cubs won the World Series!

I’m counting on another miracle to happen when a Vision Zero Executive Order gets signed to pave the way for Vision Zero Rulemaking at the Department of Transportation. Translate that: when profit-focused cost/benefit analysis gets replaced by a more appropriate and compassionate cost effective approach to safety regulations.

Result: industry is regulated by rules which favor life-saving practices and products.

Are you listening, President Obama?! You could be my hero!

Executive Order Draft Application of Vision Zero Principles to Highway Safety Regulatory Review

I only wish that Vision Zero rulemaking had been in place years ago so that AnnaLeah’s and Mary’s lives might have been spared and they might have joined in the unbelievable World Series celebration with us.

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