Mini Quilt with Many Memories of Mary & AnnaLeah

After I finished the second patchwork quilt with squares of clothes worn by AnnaLeah and Mary, Jerry noticed that I didn’t know what to do with myself when sitting and watching TV at night. So he asked if I had enough of their clothes left to make a baby quilt for our grandson. I hadn’t thought that I could make anything else because I knew that there wasn’t enough to make another big quilt.

But that sounded like a good possibility. So I went to the attic and brought down the tub and, sure enough, there were enough pieces of this and that for me to start drawing 4 inch (instead of 10 inch) squares. And I’m looking forward to seeing what I can create with these.

But I will tell you this. . . it isn’t easy to cut up those clothes which they once wore. It is nothing like cutting a piece of material from the fabric store–fresh with possibilities. Every cut stirs up reminders that this was once worn by a living, loving girl who is here no more.

Mini quilt squares 013

Mary enjoyed sewing practical creative things

Whimsical Creations by Mary

AnnaLeah. . . Unrealized Creative Potential

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