Tech. warns us if we’re low on gas or our seat belt isn’t buckled–what about if we’ve left a child behind?

The director of, Janette Fennell, wants us to help get technology in cars to prevent kids from getting life behind and dying in hot cars. This is her plea:

. . .four children have died in hot cars since Friday.  Two on Friday, (Williamsport, PA & Navarre, FL) one on Saturday (Rocky Comfort, MO) and yet another one on Sunday. (Dallas, TX)

 We simply cannot accept these deaths as tragedies and move on. is the only organization that has been in the forefront, working to ensure technology is added to vehicles that can prevent these heartbreaking deaths.

 PLEASE add the Look Before You Lock safety messages to your website, articles, TV segments, billboards and anywhere you can reach people who care for our children.  Yes, it takes a village…

 What is the answer? PLEASE work with us to make sure that technology is finally added to vehicles to prevent these horrific deaths.  The auto industry already recognizes that we’re human and our memories often fail us. Today our cars are able to warn us if we leave our headlights on, our keys are in the ignition, our car door is open, if we are low on gas and if our seat belt isn’t buckled. But if a child is left behind, it can be fatal.  So we believe it’s reasonable to believe that technology can provide an alert if a child is left alone in a vehicle.

This problem shouldn’t take years to resolve. WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Look before you lock

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