What would I do if I were the National Traffic Safety Ombudsman?

I have proposed that the President establish an independent Office of National Traffic Safety Ombudsman–untainted by political pressures–to be an advocate for all things related to moving our country toward zero crash deaths & serious injuries.

This morning, I was thinking about one of the many traffic safety issues and all of a sudden thought, “Okay, so what could a Traffic Safety Ombudsman do to address this problem?” That made me want to write down ideas for what I would do if I were the National Traffic Safety Ombudsman.

I would (not necessarily in this order as this will be a stream of consciousness listing of random thoughts):

  1. Set up a hotline for traffic safety concerns.
  2. Set up a procedure for responding to the concerns reported to the Traffic Safety Hotline–including a means of communicating with the person reporting the problem (if desired).
  3. Set up a system for keeping track of reported problems and how they were handled.
  4. Set up regular communication with safety advocacy groups.
  5. Set up regular communication with other stakeholders.
  6. Prioritize the traffic safety concerns.
  7. Group the traffic safety concerns into categories.
  8. Organize periodic Roundtables for various categories of traffic safety concerns–involving all relevant stakeholders.
  9. Research globally for information on the traffic safety problems and resolutions.
  10. Set a National Vision Zero Goal (if not already done).
  11. Establish a National Vision Zero Task Force (if not already done).
  12. Coordinate the Vision Zero Task Force.
  13. Identify how the three branches of the U.S. government can and need to be involved in advancing traffic safety and helping to move us toward zero crash deaths and serious injuries.
  14. Develop strategies for tapping into government involvement as a means of carrying out the role of protecting its citizens.
  15. Organize a national network of Vision Zero Community Action Groups. Start with a pilot group and develop the model.
  16. Work with the appropriate departments to develop the details of Vision Zero Rulemaking policies.
  17. Develop strategies to raise awareness of traffic safety issues.
  18. Develop strategies to solicit public participation in identifying creative solutions to traffic safety problems.
  19. Develop strategies to get the public appropriately involved in the rulemaking process related to traffic safety issues.
  20. Develop creative ways to honor the memories of traffic victims.
  21. Develop strategies for utilizing available technology for tapping into traffic safety resources, individuals, and organizations.
  22. Develop strategies for collaborating nationally and globally to advance cutting-edge use of technology.
  23. Facilitate cross-departmental collaboration on traffic safety issues.
  24. Foster pro-active preventive thinking related to traffic safety issues.
  25. Handle auto safety defects more effectively to prevent tragic unnecessary deaths.
  26. Hold manufacturers liable for their decisions and actions.
  27. I’m sure that I’ll think of more ideas later.
  28. I’m also sure that someone will jump to the conclusion that my ideas are unrealistic and unworkable. I’d like to see that put to the test!
  29. Always remembering the goal: preventing people from having their lives unncessarily cut short!Ombudsman for Traffic Safety

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