Congress Using Zika To Weaken Truck Safety; Get Life & Death Matters out of political tug-of-war!

The newly inserted policy provisions represent a trend over the last three years of the trucking industry using must-pass spending bills to win regulatory concessions that are opposed by most safety advocates and likely could not pass as normal stand-alone bills. In this case, not only do the bills fund major parts of the government, they provide cash to fight Zika.

See more here: Congress Is Using Zika To Weaken Truck Safety

My comment on the article:

Marianne Waldron Karth ·

Truck driver fatigue, along with other deadly traffic safety problems, needs to be addressed in a more comprehensive manner. Traffic Safety is a public health problem and needs to be a National Priority. Contact President Obama here:…/tell-obama-you-are-standing…/.

Tell President Obama that you want him to grant the AnnaLeah & Mary Karth Vision Zero Petition to SAVE LIVES. Take life & death matters out of the political tug-of-war arena!

Driving While Fatigued

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