“Tesla Motors Autopilot Reduces Accidents By Half” What of domino-effect collisions?

From a recent article: Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Autopilot Reduces Accidents By Half

A recent video also showed how the feature prevented a collision with a truck. In the video, it looks as if the truck driver never noticed that the car was there. The Tesla car simply moves and avoids the truck.

What happens if the car moves to avoid the truck and, in so doing, collides with another vehicle? Is it possible for automated technology to prevent domino-effect collisions? After all, every action has a reaction. But then, if it can be done safer than a fallible human and the bugs are worked out before widely implementing. . .

It appears that our truck crash has rendered me a cynical skeptic. Hopeful, though. And persistently pursuing perfection. Nothing less than the best possibilities.

And I am thankful for the many who are working on multiple means of creating safer travel.

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