The Vision Zero Petition Book has arrived!

On May 5, 2014, we delivered 11,000 AnnaLeah & Mary Stand Up for Truck Safety petition envelopes to DOT in Washington, DC.

This time around, thanks to Jerry’s brainstorm, we are delivering the petitions in a bound copy of The Vision Zero Petition Book. All of the first 16, 516 signatures (and any comments which they made) will be in the book, along with the letters to President Obama and Secretary Foxx and a whole lot of other information which I compiled to spell out how we are asking them to implement our Vision Zero petition requests–creatively arranged by Isaac.

Two weeks from today, on March 4, we will be delivering the book to DOT and to various legislators as well as dropping off a copy at The White House. In addition, Care2 will be printing a binder with all of the signatures–up to printing time–and get it to us on February 29; we will take that along to deliver to DOT.

Five boxes of the book arrived today! Excited to see what  will come about!

Vision Zero Book 024

It’s not too late for names to be added! Sign & Share: Save Lives Not Dollars: Urge DOT to Adopt a Vision Zero Policy

Our Petition Delivery to DC on MAY 5, 2014:

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