Thank you, Wabash, for creating a safer truck rear underride guard!

Ted Scott, from the American Trucking Association, just emailed me with the news about the new rear underride guard design announced yesterday by Wabash (a trailer manufacturer).

The new rear impact guard is constructed of advanced high-strength steel. Its patent-pending design features two additional vertical posts and a longer, reinforced bumper tube, all of which are engineered to work together to absorb energy better and deflect rear impact at any point along the bumper. In addition, the new guard is fully galvanized to resist corrosion.  Wabash Debuts Rear Impact Guard Design for its Dry Van Trailers

Thank you, Wabash, for your commitment to safer trucks.

“Our work on the rear impact guard, and trailer performance in general, isn’t finished,” added Giromini. “Innovation is ongoing at Wabash National. We’re continually looking at ways to optimize total performance through engineering and the use of advanced materials in ways that make sense for our customers.”

I hope that means that they will also be looking at side guard and retrofitting solutions as well.

And thank you, J.B. Hunt, for already ordering 4,000 new trailers with the improved underride protection to put on our roads.

Minolta DSC
Minolta DSC

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