Needed for an Underride Crash Test: Beat-up 53′ Box Trailer & a Chevy Malibu

Aaron Kiefer is making plans to do a preliminary crash test of his innovative side/rear underride protection system – before taking it to the Underride Roundtable at the IIHS on May 5, 2016.

He has asked us to be on the lookout for two things which he needs for the crash test:

  1. a used 53′ box trailer with its rear underride guard and its landing gear intact (not bent or rusted) and
  2. an older model Chevy Malibu–from the year 2000 or younger.

If you have either one of those which you could donate (or sell for almost nothing) to make this important crash happen, please email me at

Here is more information about Aaron’s hard work to make trucks safer to be around:

Aaron Kiefer underride design prototype photo

Aaron plans on using the crash test results to refine his design and make it as effective as possible. Please spread the word about this need. Thank you.



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