Monitor truck loads with a weight-identifying sensor/camera system

If Indiana’s experiment is successful — monitoring overweight trucks by using weight-identifying sensors connected to a camera which will take a picture of their license plate — why would we not extend this enforcement technology nationwide?

Here is another opportunity to utilize a Vision Zero goal for dispersing traffic safety technology to enforce federal safety regulations nationwide. . .

See this description of a New Hampshire’s motor carrier vehicle examiners/enforcement team:

  • Weigh Team – Troopers assigned to the Weigh Team are responsible for enforcing state statutes as they pertain to maximum gross allowable weight limits on the roads and bridges of the state of New Hampshire. Overweight vehicles are typically more dangerous on the roads because of the extra effort needed to stop and control the overweight vehicle. Also, the damage caused to the roadways and bridges by each overweight vehicle is significantly more than legally loaded vehicles. The Weigh Team utilizes a state-of-the-art scale facility on Route 93 in Windham and portable scales to check compliance. The goal of the Weigh Team is to protect the lives of the riders traveling on New Hampshire roads while also prolonging the life of the roads and bridges.”

Why should every state reinvent the wheel? What’s the point?

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website:

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