Toward Zero Crash Deaths “…if there’s just one life we can save—we’ve got an obligation to try.” @BarackObama

Across the nation, there are numerous individuals and organizations calling and working for Vision Zero goals and actions. What is the point? There are tens of thousands of people dying unnatural and preventable deaths each year due to crashes on our roads.

We are working tirelessly to call for President Obama and DOT Secretary Foxx to set a National Vision Zero goal and to change the traffic safety rulemaking  policies so that every life possible will be saved.

At present, we have two Vision Zero petitions which we will be delivering to Washington, DC, as soon as we can arrange for it:

  1. One directed specifically to President Obama asking him to set a National Vision Zero Goal and to sign a Vision Zero Executive Order, which will–among other things–give DOT the authority to make rules which will save more lives.
  2. One directed to Secretary Foxx  (and OIRA/OMB) asking him to change rulemaking policy to move away from a cost/benefit model and adopt a more humanistic, rational Vision Zero safety strategy model which will impact all DOT safety regulations (with immediate impact on truck underride rulemaking).

Please sign both of the above petitions now and spread the word that together we can save lives!

Petition screenshot 001


Truck Underride Kills:

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