Past memories get entangled with present moments & future longings

As Susanna and I were getting ready to leave Iowa on Saturday, we drove along I-80 headed for the airport–listening to Susanna’s music (and her knowledgeable explanation of the background to many LOTR selections). Didn’t have my camera out but saw corn fields (already cut down) making golden rows amidst a thin layer of snow. Suddenly I saw a hedge of magenta bushes–beautifully set against a stark winter backdrop of white and gray and brown.


Then upon returning home, it unexpectedly snowed here in North Carolina yesterday. Marcus & Vanessa delightedly went out before having breakfast. Marcus asked for a carrot for his snowman’s nose. Just like Mary not so many years before. Should I be surprised that Marcus ate his snowman’s baby carrot nose?!

Vanessa & Marcus also remembered when they ate some flavored snow with Mary back in Texas–a la Little House in the Big Woods. So I fixed them some maple syrup snow today.

Got out a box of winter gear to help keep them warm. When I was putting it away, I noticed that the person who had labeled the box some years ago was none other than Mary. Heart-full memories.

Winter gear box 006

As the memories of past snow fun mingled with present wintry moments, I could not help but sigh deep within and long for a joyful reunion in the future-yet-to-be:

Vision Zero. . . in hopes that others might live out a fuller life.

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