Insightful & passionate comments on our #VisionZero Petition

You can be a part of calling on President Obama to take decisive action to move our country Toward Zero Deaths in 2016. Sign & share our petition:


Read these comments on our Vision Zero Petition from survivors, bereaved families, lawyers, truck drivers,  engineers, and safety advocates:

Vision zero in road safety is an imperative public health goal, and one that is now fully realistic to embark upon.

Neil Arason, Victoria, Canada
4 days ago

I’m signing because as a Texan, my state has shamefully averaged 3,500 annual road deaths in the past 20 years. Based on historical data, I seriously doubt the Texas state legislature or state DOT has the skill or the desire to improve in the area of fatality reduction on Texas roads. For the safety of all road-users, the USA needs the help of a national Vision Zero strategy.

Lance Hamm, Kingsville, TX
18 hours ago

I am signing this petition as a widow and now single mother of three children because a tired or distracted truck driver killed my husband while he was inspecting a bridge repair in his closed-off work zone. The pain of losing a loved one to these preventable crashes is beyond words. Losing a father at such a young age will leave emotional scars for decades, and our society doesn’t fully understand —or offer appropriate resources for coping.

Amy Fletcher, Perrysburg, OH
11 minutes ago

I am signing in honor of my late wife Tamara Mills-Hadley whom lost her life because a phoney underride guard law was passed that was not meant to save any lives, instead it just legalized the guards already on the road in order to save money and garner campaign donations. We also lost a family friend to unsafe trucks. No more!

Stephen Hadley, Washougal, WA
21 hours ago

I’m signing because no one should have to suffer a sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one due to a preventable crash.

Andrew Young, North Ridgeville, OH
2 days ago


3 days ago

I’m signing because the loss of one human life in the pursuit of profit is wrong! Safety first!

Hershel Hartford, Fayetteville, AR
3 days ago

I’m signing because tragedies like this one can be avoided.

Aaron Kiefer, Morrisville, NC
3 days ago

I’m signing for Susan Slattery!

Camille Dobson, LUTHERVILLE, MD
4 days ago

Because business shoots for zero defects. Because my wife is dead and two sons seriously injured, one permanently, when an overworked trucker fell asleep at the wheel.

Ed Slattery, Lutherville-Timonium, MD
4 days ago

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