Senior Underride Design Project Mid-Year Report Presented by Virginia Tech Students

The coordinator, Jared Bryson, for the Virginia Tech Senior Underride Design Team sent their end of semester report on the underride project to me yesterday.

I have not had time to read it fully yet (rather busy this weekend). But I did look it over quickly and am intrigued by their emphasis on a Wrap Around Bumper concept.

You can read their report here: Virginia Tech Senior Student Underride Design Project December 2015 Report

They are off for Christmas break. But rumor has it that NHTSA’s proposed underride rule for trailers is assigned reading before they come back after the holidays so that they can submit a Public Comment as a team.

“The student’s final fall presentation is tonight.  I will forward the NPRM tomorrow, for reading over the break. We will discuss in length in January, and formulate a group or individual submissions.”

Good work, team. Looking forward to more good news. . .

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