Predictions & Challenges of Fully Autonomous Trucks

Here are some excerpts from a recent report about fully autonomous trucks:

  • “‘It’s not clear how quickly the costs for autonomous truck technology will come down,’ [Stephan Keese] said during the first day of the North American Automated Trucking Conference being held here at the Texas Motor Speedway.”
  • “‘Several challenges exist to allow trucks to be either partially or fully self-driving, ‘Keese explained,’ some technological and some human.'”
  • “Keese thinks it really won’t be until 2050 that self-driving trucks could be deployed.”
  • “‘.. what will drivers do for 10 hours, sitting behind the wheel not driving, while being required enough to intervene ‘at a moment’s notice’ should something go wrong.’That is much more stressful that actual driving,’ he said. ‘It takes a driver 90 seconds to become ‘fully re-engaged’ after being unfocused; not just grabbing the steering wheel, which takes 2.5 seconds, but being able to process a situation.’

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