AnnaLeah & Mary left “unfinished business”; Congress, Finish your business: Make sure HR22 leads to Safer Roads

Unfinished Business

On one of our road trips North, AnnaLeah used a motel note pad to sketch her feelings about Mary’s stealing the blanket at night and exposing her feet:

“Beware the giggling Mary, your feet she wishes to freeze!”

Now, whenever we stop at a LaQuinta, I see those blank note pads–thinking of that silly memory and feeling sorrow at the unfinished business which AnnaLeah & Mary left behind–all that they would have done that they will now never do–because of a truck crash on May 4, 2013.

Here’s hoping that Congress will not leave the Highway Bill (HR 22) with Unfinished Business–but rather make every effort to shape it so that the result is Safer Roads and not increased Highway Carnage.

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