How fragile life is. . .


This morning, I was taking a walk in the woods and saw a beautiful delicate & tiny lavender flower. I thought, “How fragile life is!” And I wept at how “easily” AnnaLeah & Mary lost their earthly lives. I am so thankful for the many minutes & hours & days & weeks & months & years that we had them with us and they got to enjoy life.

Earlier this morning, I had been remembering the time Jerry and I had taken Mary to a little lake in Rochester, MN, on Labor Day (2012). After 5 years in brown, arid West Texas, she was so delighted to be living someplace where she could have such fun in water. Jerry and I are so glad that we took her there that day.

How “easily” abortion robs a human of life. Who do we think we are to take life so lightly? Why do we think that it is our place to have a say in who will have life and who will not?

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