Thoughts on making a Public Comment on rulemaking for Single Unit Truck underride protection (Ends September 21)

DOT is studying whether or not they should require “single unit (or straight)” trucks to be safer, i.e., be built so that–when a vehicle rear-ends them–the smaller vehicle does not slide underneath the larger truck. And they are asking people to let them know what they think about this.

What might you say about the proposed rulemaking for underride protection on these trucks? (Examples of SUTs are dump trucks, garbage haulers, concrete mixers, tank trucks, trash trucks, and local delivery trucks.)

What I would suggest is that you point out the fact that people die every year when their vehicle hits the back of single unit trucks so that the truck actually enters the passenger vehicle in the area where people are sitting. And, if manufacturing companies were required to provide adequate underride protection on these trucks, many of those deaths could be prevented.

Sure, it will cost some money to provide that protection. And that cost will have to be passed on to someone–whether it be the manufacturing company, the company which purchases the truck, the consumer of the trucking industry services, etc. Are we willing to bear that cost as a society, or would we rather keep our costs as low as possible–at the price of human life?

Good news: The 11,000+ AnnaLeah & Mary for Truck Safety Petition signers have been added to the Public Comments for the ANPRM Underride Protection for Single Unit Trucks.

To see all of the signatures/comments from the Petition, go to this link:!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=0;D=NHTSA-2015-0070

At that site, click on Karth Family/Care 2 Petition. Then click on Supporting Documents. There is a PDF and an XLS spreadsheet. The PDF can be read better by magnifying the chart.

You are allowed to add your own comments to the ANPRM–even if you signed the Petition. You can do so by clicking the COMMENT NOW button on that website. Please take the time to express your thoughts on this vital issue.

I am grateful for the countless people across the earth who care about these life and death matters and are willing to stand up and ask for safer roads.
Please note: Public Comments Period ends September 21, 2015.
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