Give the Gift of Life: Do your part to make our roads safer!

Let’s make sure that we are not always pointing our finger at someone else to take the blame for highway safety. Make sure that you are not driving impaired in any way, shape, or form: DISTRACTED, DRUNK, DRUGGED, or DROWSY (DWF)!

And, if you can do something to make trucks safer–whether you are a legislator, a government regulator, a truck driver, a trucking industry executive, or a voting/driving member of this country–do it!

Give the gift of LIFE–help prevent a crash fatality!

Mary loved to give a gift–whether it was her infectious smile, a bouquet of flowers, or an invitation to have some fun!

Remember AnnaLeah and Mary–and all those countless others who have lost their lives on the roads–and give the gift of life.


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