The Future of Underride Prevention: A conversation with underride researcher from Australia

Last evening, Jerry and I had a Skype phone call with Dr. George Rechnitzer from Melbourne, Australia. We had been corresponding with him via email for a few days, and he finally decided that we needed to have an actual conversation.

We had discovered the day before that George had done research twenty years ago to prove that more effective underride guards could be designed, built, and crash tested on actual trucks–at 75 km/h or 46 m/h.

George, a professor and researcher from Australia who has done research with Transport and Road Safety Research (TARS) authored this 315-page dissertation in 2003: The Improvement of Heavy Vehicle Design To Reduce Injury Risk In Crashes With Other Road Users

Here is George’s extensive resume–outlining his vast experience with safety research: GRA CV of Dr George Rechnitzer – June 2015

What impact could this have upon the future of underride prevention strategies and solutions?

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