He is familiar with our sorrow.

The other day, when I was reading my Bible (I don’t remember the passage or why it made me think this), the thought struck me that the Father knew the pain of knowing that His Son Jesus would never walk the earth again in the same way.

Oh, yes, He is alive forevermore and being with Him in Paradise to Infinity & Beyond forevermore will be amazing. But it will not ever be the same as it was when Jesus was walking on this earth–God & Man in One.

That thought somehow brought me comfort in knowing that the Father understands my pain in knowing that AnnaLeah and Mary will never walk this earth again with us in the same way.

And then, just this morning, I looked up Andrew Peterson’s song, After the Last Tear Falls, and as he introduced the song, he talked about how God is “familiar with our sorrow.” He sees the brokenness in our world. He cares. And in the midst of all this grief, He has also given us beauty to treasure. And there is Love.

Trip North May 2015 138getting farther away patch of blue

Real pain. Real peace. http://annaleahmary.com/2015/03/real-pain-real-peace/

Published on Sep 6, 2014
Mary & AnnaLeah loved to laugh and make-believe. These photos tell the story of Mary’s adventure with Bear, the sudden end to their earthly life, the balloons we let go to remember that, though we would not see them anymore here in this life, we will someday joyfully be with them again, and then the balloons we would a year later let go–but which decided to stick around while we tended to the girls’ grave, playing peek-a-boo in the trees. It’s all true.(Photos by Marianne Karth with some photos by The Karths–Sam & Naomi. Amazing Grace sung by their Grandpa Jim Waldron, and Children of the Heavenly Father sung by their sisters, Rebekah & Susanna)

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