CDL Training: Another Area Needing Change in Truck Safety

Last week, Jerry and I met with Charlie Gray, CEO of the Carolina Trucking Academy. He had written to us soon after we launched the AnnaLeah & Mary Stand Up for Truck Safety Petition sharing his thoughts with us:

Charlie Gray Letter from him in March 2014

At the time, we were focused on the petition and the three truck safety issues which it addressed: 1) combatting driver fatigue through use of Electronic Logging Devices; 2) improving underride guards; and 3) raising the minimum liability insurance for truck drivers.

Finally, the time seemed right to correspond with Charlie and we were able to set up a time to meet together and discuss our shared concern about the lack of adequate requirements for CDL training. We enjoyed getting to know Charlie and look forward to working with him to promote better standards for CDL training programs.

Earlier this week, Jerry received an email which contained a letter from Charlie sent out to his friends with whom he shares devotional thoughts on a regular basis:

Charlie Gray Letter from him in March 2014 page 1

Charlie Gray Devotional Letter our meeting 001

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