More Opposition to DOT Safety Measures? You Have Got To Be Kidding!


When will resistance to safety measures come to an end? Guess what…more delays are sure to mean more deaths.

How is it that anything can take priority over human life?

Maybe part of the problem is that “safety” is a word which can be argued back and forth. “This is being proposed to improve ‘safety’.” “That is not really helping ‘safety.'”

We aren’t talking about simply safety. We are talking about life and death, and horrific injuries.

Yet, the American Trucking Associations–I found out just today (May 21, 2014)–have thrown yet another monkey wrench in DOT attempts to decrease driver fatigue. What is likely to be the result? More confusion and delays and ultimately more untimely deaths due to crashes which come about as a result of driver fatigue…


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