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  1. While I am sorry for your loss… the things you are petitioning are already sufficiently monitored by the D.O.T. Like irresponsible drivers of cars there are irresponsible drivers of semis. My husband is a truck driver and has never once caused an accident or had unsafe equipment that is why there are pre trips, to find and address things that might be wrong with the vehicle or trailer. What you need to be more worried about are the drivers that are on paper logs. My husband runs e-logs. Drivers are allowed to drive 11 hours within a 14 hr time frame then they are required to take a mandatory 10 hr break. Unless their wheels are turning they are not making a paycheck. Usually they spend hours at a shipper or a receiver either getting loaded or unloaded and usually past the alloted time and then still expected to either still get to their load on time or their next pick up on time. Regardless of the fact they were held up. They also have to watch not only their truck but, others around them cars that are riding up their butt and those that cut them off or pass. Until you punish shippers and receivers from putting unrealistic time frames on drivers nothing will change! Yes there are also irresponsible drivers but, what your petition is addressing 90% of the companies out there have e-logs. There are a few out there with shoddy Maintence records but a bent DOT bumper is the least your worries! I refuse to sign the petition because what you are asking is already in place and unless you are going to haul your on supplies to the store and stay on the road away from your family for weeks on end for what little pay they make then come talk to me! But, the laws you want are already in place the FMCSA just need to weed out the bad companies and drivers that refuse to comply and shipper’s and receivers that have unrealistic time frames.

  2. It saddens me greatly when people die in accidents. As a trucker, I can tell you some really scary stories concerning truckers. I can also tell you scary stories about car drivers. Cars do drive to close to our rear and cut us off with little room to spare. Instead of attempting to regulate the trucking industry (DOT is already doing that) how about educating the general public about the dangers of playing tag with a truck (not that these two beautiful people did that). All to often an accident is blamed on “the wreakless trucker” when they tried to avoid the accident caused by a car driver. No trucker goes to work, and yes it is a job, and decides to get into an accident. No one wins in a dance between a truck and a car. Education is a MUST if we are to see a reduction an car/truck accidents.

  3. I am deeply sorry for you loss. I whole heartedly support your cause and your fight. I am a Police Officer who was seriously injured being rear ended by a tractor trailer on the interstate. As soon as I can, I will be joining in this same fight to push for these goals. The more voices, the more progress!

  4. I spent 4 months out on the road in a semi. It was a HUGE learning experience!!

    Youd be AMAZED at the amount of idiots who leave their vehicles hanging into traffic on the side of the road. They pull in front of a truck leaving them no room to stop. Question: How long does it take 80,000 lbs to stop? Stop watching the truck and start watching people in the small vehicles around it. Next time you see a close call, look at the driver of the rig, the panic that they almost took out a family. Most of these people have families of thier own. They dont want to run you over.

    Of course you have your idiots as in any profession. Privately owned rigs are rarely speed governed. The larger transport companies are governed to mainly under 65mph. This is good for safety and INS, BUT…The larger companies promise pay employees for this and pay for that and rarely comply. The lack of guidance from larger shipping companies on routes available (low wires/routing through residential areas/ low bridges, and often times absolutely no place to turn around. This leaves the drivers stressed, exhausted, and pushed for time (miles). The larger companies promise “you will be home every other weekend”. Normally, it ends up being every 3 weeks.

    Some companies even remove your Home Time because you passed within 90 miles of your home!!! Now you wont be home for another MONTH!!

    The hassle of driving isnt worth not seeing your family. This means a huge turnaround, thousands of new drivers ever year. THOUSANDS OF NEW DRIVERS. They get a few weeks training, most of it classroom, and thats it. Heres the keys buddy!!

    Before anyone goes ignorantly pushing anything. Go spend a week out there… just a week. Youd be demanding changes… but never in the way youd imagine…

  5. I am so very sorry for your loss. My 5 year old son Liam Mahaney was killed on July 19, 2011 when a tired truck driver crashed in front of our home and spilled over 100,000 lbs of logs through the house. A tragic and senseless accident. I just wish people would wake up and see the devastation these trucks cause. 🙁

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