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Road Trip Conversations

underride guards trip to RDU 005

These days, when we are traveling on the expressway, our conversations are interspersed with periodic comments like:

“Look at that one! It’s all rusty and bent!”

“Can you believe that one?! It’s all broken off on one side!”

“That one doesn’t even have anything in the middle!”

What are we talking about? Underride guards.

Before May 2013, most of us did not even know what an underride guard was. Now we know that the condition of an underride guard can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

An underride guard is just what it says it is:  a piece of equipment fashioned into the back of a semi-trailer which can help to guard against a vehicle riding under the truck in the event of a crash—thereby preventing horrific injuries and death.

Meet AnnaLeah & Mary


Mary and AnnaLeah at Battle Park, Rocky Mount, NC
Mary and AnnaLeah at Battle Park, Rocky Mount, NC

On May 4, 2013, AnnaLeah and Mary Karth were in a truck-related car accident. AnnaLeah died at the scene of the accident. Mary died a few days later due to her injuries.

This website is dedicated to preventing more deaths in truck-related accidents from happening. Specifically, the Karth family is working to raise awareness about three issues related to truck safety: minimum liability insurance levels, driver fatigue, and underride guards. More information can be found on the pages specific to those issues.

The family has also created a Facebook memorial page where they share memories, photos, and videos of the girls.

And the Facebook posts from the first few years after the crash can be accessed in chronological order through our Journey Through Grief Page on this website: Journey Through Grief.

AnnaLeah, full of peace, forever 17, and Mary, full of joy, forever 13.  We are thankful for  the years that we had them in our lives. We know that, by faith, they believed in Jesus as their Savior & Lord. And because of that, we have the sure hope that we will see them again—and be with them forever.