EOBR: Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue through use of Electronic Logging Devices

What is an EOBR? It is an electronic logging device, otherwise known as an Electronic On-Board Recorder. What is its purpose? To keep track of a truck driver’s hours of service on the road. The goal is to prevent driver fatigue by making sure that truck drivers get enough sleep and time off of the road.

The current system in place for recording drivers’ hours is a paper logbook. Too often, these are not even checked in the case of accidents because they can too easily be falsified.

“Regulatory requirements for EOBRs have been established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and are covered in the FMCSA’s rule 395.15. It requires devices to automatically record a driver’s duty status and any changes in status, as well as the amount of time they operate the vehicle. If requested by law enforcement, drivers must be able to immediately deliver the required display information for the previous 7 days, plus the current day.”

Quoted from this website: http://eobr.com/what-is-an-eobr/





One thought on “EOBR: Preventing Truck Driver Fatigue through use of Electronic Logging Devices

  1. Your data has been called flawed. Your statement that truck drivers kill is false. As a 30 year veteran of this industry I can say with conviction no trucker ive ever met or myself have left home saying im going to kill someone and go to jail. I with 100’s of thousands drivers leave home to do this job to return home to our families. I have read threw some of your information. Sorry to point out to you that the public information your sharing is not fact. Your using data that has been skewed to fit FMCSA adjenda. As with any industry there are good and bad. Your local McDonald’s has some dangerous workers. But that food poison your getting over doesnt click in your mind some worker there did it on purpose. I could get behind changes in trucking with you if your adjenda wasnt so vindictive. Sorry for your loss. I hope you heal some day. But please continue to enjoy your daily supply of toilet paper. You received by a trucker with a family. Thanks Daisy

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